Abios extends coverage to Halo Infinite

21 December 2021


Esports data and technology company Abios has extended its game coverage to include 343 Industries’ first-person shooter Halo Infinite.

As a result, match and series scores as well as rosters and tournament information will now be viewable on Abios as Halo Infinite’s 2022 esports season kicks off.

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Halo Infinite is Microsoft-owned 343 Industries’ latest release in the long-running Halo franchise, having fully launched on December 8th.

Abios, which provides a range of data-driven products, said it is extending its coverage into Halo Infinite due to ‘high customer demand’ and requests from customers and partners to expand into the first-person shooter.

Oskar Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios, commented: “Having played Halo growing up when it first came out on Xbox, I am thrilled to have sufficient demand from our customers to motivate adding it to our coverage.

“I sincerely hope that watching Halo’s esports scene unfold will be as exciting as it was playing the original multiplayer maps such as Blood Gulch in split screen.”

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The first Halo Infinite esports event, the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh, took place from December 17th – 20th, featuring a $250,000 (~£189,000) prize pool and reaching a peak viewership of over 267,000. 

The tournament marked the beginning of the 2022 season for the Halo Championship Series (HCS), which is set to hand out over $3m (~£2.26m) in prize money this season. In November, ESL Gaming announced it had partnered with 343 Industries to run the HCS programme.

Esports Insider says: 343 Industries has ambitious plans for Halo for 2022, with more prize money and more ambitious plans than ever before. With the popularity of Halo Infinite, It makes sense for Abios to expand its product offerings into the title to meet demand.

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