AFK Pros: Launching during uncertainty

AFK Group writes for ESI to detail the company’s launch of AFK Pros in 2021 and the subsequent journey it has embarked on. 

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Overall, 2021 has been a challenging journey for businesses across all industries. However, when looking back through the last 12 months, it is imperative to appreciate achievements – despite the difficult circumstances.  

In the face of uncertainty, AFK Pros has endured an incredible inaugural year.

AFK Pros, a completely new pillar to the AFK Group conceived in 2021, came to fruition with the goal of representing international esports professionals across a variety of titles. The brand works alongside players to develop their careers by providing contract negotiation, brand development and support. 

Over the last eight months alone, the team has gained a wide roster of esports talent and formed relationships with major esport teams signing to the likes of TSM, FNATIC and Guild Esports

The team originally began when Alexander Davis, AFK Group’s Head of Europe and Esports, joined the agency some months ago during spring. Working closely with esports agent Jamie Wooton, the duo created a formidable team. 

Davis, previously boasting experience managing esport teams and players for organisations such as Evolved Talent and SK Gaming, was able to grow AFK Pros talent roster to over 50+ professionals. 

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Reflecting over the last nine months, Davis commented: “It’s been a whirlwind few months over on the esports side. We are excited to be able to continually recruit and represent the very best esports talent, and really push for them to get the most out of their contracts and deals. 

“It’s so rewarding to see the growth and career progression of some of these individuals, and we can’t wait to see where the scene is in another 12 months”. 

Some of the agency’s most notable signings include Misfits Gaming’s RLCS  Rocket League roster, which consists of Arju, Kash and Mittaen, alongside coach AndyTheMandy. Similarly, the agency signed a complete Apex Legends team to Cloud9, a side that secured second place in the ALGS Championship. This already demonstrates AFK Pros’ instinct for scouting talent to create leading esports rosters.  

The esport title that AFK Pros has seen significant success with, however, has been VALORANT. Whilst representing over 20 exclusive talents across 10 teams within the professional leagues, AFK Pros was also thrilled to celebrate the signing of Santeri ‘BONECOLD’ Sassi, an in-game lead for esport team Acend. 

Most notably, Sassi proved successful in leading his team to victory at this year’s VALORANT Champions Tour, a prestigious achievement that demonstrates the tier of talent that AFK Pros represents.

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Overall, the goals for AFK Pros in the new year is to set its sights higher, as well as continue to bolster and support the growth of its rosters, teams and players. Internally, the agency aims to add more stellar agents to its roster to continue to provide greater experiences to clients. Moreover, there are also ambitions to move into new esport titles, demanding that the AFK Pros name is heard across the scene. 

With internal teams set for growth, AFK Pros endeavours to further support individuals to pursue personal development goals and journeys. Moreover, AFK Pros looks forward to welcoming more members into the agency to conquer next year.

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