MAD Lions partners with Streamcoi

09 December 2021


OverActive Media’s European esports brand MAD Lions has announced a partnership with stream management platform Streamcoi. 

According to the release, the partnership will allow MAD Lions to automate the brand’s streaming efforts and provide better access for sponsored content, assets and other stream elements.

Image credit: Streamcoi / MAD Lions

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In addition, MAD Lions will also have insight into statistics for its player and influencer streams, as well as managing all of their streaming from a single dashboard.

Jorge Schnura, Vice-President of Strategy for OverActive Media, the parent company of MAD Lions, commented: “Our partnership with Streamcoi and the use of their platform enables our players and influencers to focus exclusively on delivering their best performance and providing entertaining content to our fans.

“It also gives us the ability to access detailed data and insights, allowing us to continuously evolve how we’re engaging with our community to serve up the best experience possible.”

Streamcoi also highlighted the importance of providing esports entities with streaming tools to help manage partnerships, citing that a lack of tools ‘hinders the potential of live streaming as a source of revenue’.

Earlier this year, Streamcoi partnered with German esports organisation Berlin International Gaming and Indian esports platform The Esports Club.

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Jakub Janaszek, Product Lead, Streamcoi, added: “Players competing at the highest level rarely find time for streams, but when they do it’s a great opportunity to connect with fans in a break from official matches. It’s especially important that they don’t have to deal with overlays or other assets at such time.

“I am very proud that Streamcoi can help an organisation as important as MAD Lions support their players and influencers while delivering effective action for their sponsors.”

Esports Insider says: By enlisting a known stream management platform in Streamcoi, MAD Lions is certainly looking at bolstering its opportunities within the space. This partnership should benefit MAD Lions’ players and influencers, as well as increasing fan engagement.

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