Spacestation Gaming launches Airlock creator-focused event brand

North American esports organisation Spacestation Gaming has announced the launch of its creator-focused event hosting brand Airlock

According to the release, the brand seeks to plan and produce content, events and community experiences that enable clients to enjoy the activations by doing ‘minimal work to put it on’.

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The brand’s launch featured a collaboration with the Rocket League streamer Jared ‘SunlessKhan’ Zook. The result was a 24-hours long stream of supposedly the longest Rocket League game so far. Airlock reportedly created a marketing plan for the event, sorted out logistics and brought in over 200 content creators.

Shawn Pellerin, Spacestation Gaming CEO, noted: “I’m very excited for the launch of Airlock, this was a vertical that we felt we were missing for giving us the capability to do production and events. 

“Doing events and live activations will be a huge focus for us at SSG going into 2022 and we now have a team dedicated to bringing this to reality.”

Airlock also previously hosted a tournament in Smash Bros. Ultimate and a competitive Minecraft speedrunning event.

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Kawai Goodman, Finance and Operations for Spacestation Gaming, spoke on the announcement in a Twitter post: “The goal with Airlock is really just to build a company that can help creators or organisations to put on the coolest events that they can possibly think of. 

“What we really, really want to do here is to just find new ways to engage with more audiences.”

Esports Insider says: Given the rapid growth of the live streaming sector, content creator-focused event agencies are something that seems to be missing in the current market.  It will be interesting to see how the brand manages to establish itself in the space and if it inspires other companies to specialise in content creator-focused events. 

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