Twelve universities launch Canadian Collegiate Esports League

Twelve Canadian universities have teamed up to launch the Canadian Collegiate Esports League (CCEL), a unified body for Canadian collegiate esports. 

The organisation looks to offer esports opportunities, competitions and scholarships to Canadian students. 

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The list of participating universities includes the University of Victoria, University of Regina, Lethbridge College, University of Lethbridge, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of Winnipeg, Simon Fraser University, York University, University of Manitoba, McGill University, University of Windsor and MacEwan University.

The CCEL reportedly plans to host esports events for students of a wide range of skill levels. The league is set to launch in winter 2021 with a Forza Motorsport racing tournament. More competitions are yet to be announced. 

Moreover, the intercollegiate organisation will also be launching an official Canadian esports streaming channel named CCEL TV. According to the press release, the channel will feature esports content, innovative brands as sponsors and a network of partners to deliver ‘continuous unique experiences’. 

To manage its leagues and players, as well as organise competitions, CCEL member universities will be using esports analytics and club management portal GYO Score by Harena Data

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Bill Dever, Chief Strategy Officer at Harena Data, commented: “As a Canadian and esports professional, I’m thrilled by Canada’s enthusiasm and determination to expand its esports ecosystem.

“We’re going to develop Canada as an international hub for collegiate esports. This will be one of the best places for students to develop their esports skills and make it to the pros.”

Esports Insider says: This is great news for Canadian collegiate esports. The formation of a unified collegiate esports body will undoubtedly develop the esports ecosystem in the region, as well as raise a new generation of Canadian esports athletes.  

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