Streamcoi breaks down esports streaming business in latest whitepaper

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Streamcoi and Esports Insider’s esports streaming report. Image credit: Streamcoi / Esports Insider

Earlier this month, stream management platform Streamcoi and Esports Insider launched a new whitepaper going in-depth into the business of esports streaming.

The report features contributions from Prodigy Agency, FaZe Clan, BIG, Infinity Gaming, The Story Mob and Streamcoi. The whitepaper delves into three main topics that encompass the business aspects of streaming in esports:‘Streaming in the Esports Ecosystem’, ‘Marketing Execution’ and ‘Managing Streamers’. 

The Streamers & Esports & Marketing Relationship report 2022 is available for free on Esports Insider’s Marketplace.

At the beginning of the report, Marek Spadło, the project’s Content Director and Supervisor, explained the reasoning behind its inception: “Over the last decade, we saw a giant leap in the development of our industry. The space got more competitive, passionate pioneers now have years of experience, and many new players entered the market, bringing their expertise to the mix. 

“And yet it sometimes feels like we — as an industry — lack in the knowledge transfer department. Young esports organisations repeat the same mistakes. New partners and clients ask the same questions they were asking 8 years ago. The reason for this is the temporary nature of todays’ information.”

quote from Streamcoi esports streaming report
Damian Szafirsztein on the streaming industry’s potential. Image credit: Streamcoi / Esports Insider

The in-depth report highlights a multitude of topical discussion points, with key figures in the esports and streaming world contributing throughout. 

Some of the topics showcased include FaZe Clan’s VP of Talent, Darren Yan, talking about the organisation’s approach to streaming. Moreover, multiple contributors discuss the best practices for steamer campaigns, as well as the challenges to keep in mind when marketing streamers. 

With regards to the latter point, an extract from a contribution by Philipp Neubauer, CMO of Berlin International Gaming, reads: “Streamers work. Just not 9-5. And yes it’s possible to sleep at noon and not be able to read the email, but have an important meeting at 8 p.m. via discord. You as the marketer/manager want to be in this world.”

The report was written by a variety of different authoritative authors from the esports streaming world and published by Esports Insider in partnership with Streamcoi.

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