CSMG officially launches esports brand ESPORTSU

27 January 2022


American sports and entertainment media company Collegiate Sports Management Group (CSMG) has officially launched its collegiate esports brand ESPORTSU.

ESPORTSU will host a number of esports events in the near future and debut its own 24/7 Twitch channel. The brand has already announced two collegiate esports tournaments for VALORANT and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The winning teams from both tournaments will seed into the Collegiate Esports National Competition in May 2022. 

Image credit: ESPORTSU

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The collegiate brand was first announced earlier this month after CSMG appointed Angela Bernhard as its EVP for Esports. In the announcement, Bernhard’s role included leading the launch of ESPORTSU. The brand looks to become one of the largest aggregators for college esports in North America and will serve as a hub for student-focused esports projects. 

As such, ESPORTSU has stated that it will look to enhance the property rights of more than 3,000 academic institutions to support content development, revenue opportunities and exposure through events. 

Angela Bernhard Thomas, EVP of ESPORTSU, commented: “The collegiate esports landscape is evolving and maturing rapidly, and our goal with ESPORTSU is not to observe collegiate esports mature – but to be the catalyst for it.

“We’re building the framework serving the long-term success of collegiate esports through a spirit of collaboration and alliances.”

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The new ESPORTSU Twitch channel will be live 24/7 and is said to be a place for showcasing collegiate content. ESPORTSU noted in a release that viewers will have access to student-produced programming, community events, charity streams, awards shows and more. The channel will also debut six hours of daily collegiate esports programming from February 1st. 

Esports Insider says: A completely new project focusing on collegiate esports is a welcome addition to the NA esports ecosystem. ESPORTSU is led by people with massive experience in traditional sports, esports and entertainment. As such, the brand has the potential to make an impact in this developing scene.  

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