FURIA teams up with Streamcoi

Brazilian esports organisation FURIA has announced a partnership with stream management platform Streamcoi.

As part of the deal, the two entities will work together to manage FURIA’s creators, including professional players and streamers, which has reportedly increased after the organisation partnered with Twitch earlier this year.

FURIA partners with Streamcoi
Image credit: FURIA/Streamcoi

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According to the release, Streamcoi will also facilitate the automation of FURIA’s roster streams. This includes expanding FURIA’s potential for displaying sponsored content across its roster of 50 pro players and 44 content creators.

Marcela Fukuoka, Media Specialist at FURIA, commented: “Streamcoi was definitely an amazing choice for FURIA to run our campaigns and for our partners. Intuitive and quick setup. Report updated at each displaying time with enough data to optimise at any time and deliver great results. I’m positive that FURIA´s team of streamers will make the best of the capabilities of this new tool.”

Specifically, the partnership with Streamcoi will allow FURIA to automate the process of managing active campaigns across multiple streams, at the same time, from a single management dashboard.

Moreover, the organisation will gain one-point access to team assets, artwork, overlays and clips. This is expected to allow real-time adjustments and campaign set-ups without the need to engage creators in the process.  FURIA will also gain access to in-depth statistics.

The two companies also worked together to launch FURIA’s first Black Friday campaign across 21 streams. 

Jakub Janaszek, Product Lead at Streamcoi, added: “For us, FURIA is not just a user, but above all a great partner who has been setting standards in competitive gaming, content creation and business for years. They trusted us at the very beginning and it’s a great honour to help them save time and monetise their streamers for so long. What many teams are only starting to learn, have already had the pleasure of doing for over a year.”

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Streamcoi recently collaborated with esports brand MAD Lions to automate its streaming efforts and provide better access for sponsored content, assets and other stream elements.

Esports Insider says: After expanding its audience through a Twitch collaboration, FURIA has now enlisted a known stream management platform to help handle its increasing numbers. This partnership should benefit FURIA’s players and influencers, as well as increase fan engagement.

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