G-Loot announces $50,000 PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS tournament

03 February 2022


Esports platform G-Loot has announced a $50,000 (~£36,723) PUBG: Battlegrounds tournament called the G-Loot Series 5.

The tournament, set to take place in February and March 2022, will feature over 500 teams from the EMEA region. 

Image credit: G-Loot

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The tournament will be the first to be operated under the new G-Loot brand. Last year, the company’s tournament platform, GLL, merged into its main G-Loot product.

According to the release, G-Loot Series 5 will continue the tradition of former GLL seasons and the GLL Grand Slam. The tournament will be organised jointly by G-Loot and KRAFTON, the owner of the PUBG Corporation. 

Simon Sundén, G-Loot’s VP and Head of Esports, commented: “Part of what makes G-Loot special is that we want to open esports up to a wider audience. Our hope is that this season will see even more new teams playing. We’ve seen a lot of players starting their journey in our seasons who have eventually gone on to win and become pros. There have been true underdog success stories over the years, and we love that.”

The tournament will be the first G-Loot event set to take place in the EMEA region this year. The PUBG Corporation announced earlier in 2021 that the third-party tournaments will continue to contribute towards the PGC qualification journey by offering ‘Wildcards for PCS6 and PCS7’. 

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G-Loot also announced that the Super Week and the finals of the tournament will be broadcasted on the official PUBG Twitch channel and that ‘top talent is expected to cast and provide analysis’. 

Esports Insider says: The 2022 PUBG EMEA season is starting off with a bang. According to what PUBG Corporation has announced, smaller tournaments like this one can help teams secure some big rewards in the future, and will thus attract a large number of PUBG players. 

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