Aggero secures $2m in seed funding

Aggero, a UK-based company that uses machine learning and analytics to help streamers monetise content better, has secured $2m (£1.5m) in seed funding.

The round was led by LAUNCHub Ventures, with GapMinder, SCM Advisors, Klaas Kersting and Phil Mohr also investing in the company. 

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Aggero

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The funding will be used to develop Aggero’s technology. A particular focus will be on machine learning models, media measurement, data intelligence, as well as monetisation for esports and gaming creators. The latest investment brings the total invested amount to $3.3m (£2.5m). 

Aggero has already received investments from notable figures in the esports industry, including EXCEL CEO Wouter Sleijfers and Vindex CSO Sundance DiGiovanni. The company works with a number of known esports organisations and brands, including ESL Australia, Team Liquid and QLASH.

Cristian Manea, CEO & Co-Founder of Aggero, commented: “Our tech is AI-based video analytics and measurement technology which matches marketing standards. This allows brand CMOs more certainty and confidence to spend more money in the space, thus empowering esports right holders to correctly measure and optimize their ROI.

“This has been a major blocker for esports teams and tournament operators to date, and our technology provides marketing teams the tools they need to have the conviction to go big and commit more fully to esports and gaming opportunities.”

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The company’s focus is on developing smart metrics that help provide valuable data to not just streamers and content creators, but also esports brands and companies. Aggero’s tech monitors streams in real-time and produces data on them. Brands can then use the data to land partnerships and provide sponsors with information.

Esports Insider says: Analytics companies such as Aggero are in high demand because getting valuable data from streams and content is a tough job. Esports teams can make great use of this information to show partners and sponsors where their money is actually going. 

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