SMPR launches play-to-earn guild

UK-based esports organisation Semper Fortis Esports (SMPR) has entered the world of play-to-earn after establishing a new division called SMPR Guild.

SMPR Guild, which focuses on blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming, will purchase in-game NFT items and provide them to its players on a revenue-sharing basis.

SMPR Guild
Image credit: SMPR Guild

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As a result, the players will earn game-based token rewards from the title, with the amount split between the player and SMPR Guild. This process will run through SMPR Guild’s scholarship programme. 

At launch, SMPR Guild will be active in three games: Axie Infinity, Pegaxy and HappyLands. The organisation announced that ‘several players’ have already joined SMPR Guild’s scholarship programme. 

The supposed benefit of entering this revenue sharing project is due to the cost of NFTs in the games. The model enables players who do not have the upfront capital required to purchase the NFTs to participate in games by sharing their future earnings with SMPR. 

According to the release, the revenue split will differ game by game and can also be impacted by the cost of the NFTs as well as the time and effort spent in the title.

Jassem Osseiran, COO of Semper Fortis Esports, commented: “SMPR Guild with its play-to-earn model, is forging loyalty at the forefront of the evolution of the gaming environment. 

“The potential for substantial growth in the sector is significant; ultimately wherever there is an internet connection and a mobile phone, users will be able to find ways to create income by playing games.”

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Players within SMPR Guild will also regularly play together and collaborate, the announcement said. Moreover, the guild will provide its ‘scholars’ with training and mentorship. These players will also be managed by community managers.

Part of SMPR Guild’s business plan will also be to enter ‘promising’ games at the preliminary stages when NFT acquisition costs are cheaper. This is to potentially benefit from the uplift in value of the game’s NFTs.

SMPR is primarily known for its endeavours in Rocket League. Moreover, the organisation also has rosters in Fortnite, FIFA and Hearthstone. In December, the organisation secured its first commercial partnership with trading card company Topps.

Esports Insider says: SMPR’s decision to enter into the P2E sector is certainly interesting. P2E guilds are still relatively new, and it’s yet unclear whether they can offer a viable business model. However, there is clearly an interest from esports organisations to explore the sector, as seen by Tribe Gaming also entering blockchain gaming.

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