PandaScore breaks down the esports betting ecosystem in new whitepaper 

Esports data and statistics provider PandaScore has unveiled an esports betting whitepaper that looks to educate operators entering the scene.

The whitepaper, which is available for free on ESI Marketplace, covers an array of topics including integrating esports into a bookmaker’s offering, data, educating bookmakers about esports, marketing an esports betting brand, as well as safer gambling and compliance.

PandaScore Whitepaper
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Alongside the data provider, PandaScore’s whitepaper also features contributions from Rivalry, UNLV International Gaming Institute, and Sporting Solutions in order to offer a range of perspectives on the esports betting sector. 

Oliver Niner, Head of Sales at PandaScore, told Esports Insider: “We could have quite easily gone into this and said ‘look, take our products, listen to us and you’ll do well’ and that will be a sales piece. But that’s not the reason why we set out to do this. 

“We listen to other people who might even be considered our rivals or our competitors because we know that’s a healthy marketplace. I think it’s incredibly important to have views from different parts of the ecosystem, not just the esports ecosystem. I think we hear a lot from those.”

Within the whitepaper, PandaScore also details its 2021 turnover. In particular, the report documents that CS:GO amounted to 68.75 percent of its overall turnover, highlighting the continued strategic importance of the FPS shooter to esports’ betting ecosystem. 

Niner stated that it’s important to highlight transparency within these whitepapers. He said these figures should be taken with context, pointing out that PandaScore is European-focused and so these numbers will differ from company to company depending on the target market. 

Moreover, the operator-focused whitepaper also discusses esports’ ‘latency issue’ and the implications for esports betting operators.

“Education is incredibly important,” stated Niner. “If we can educate or show our kind of insights at this stage in the growth and journey of esports. if that gives some learning and  gives education to people on both sides of the industry (esports and betting), that’s fantastic.”

PandaScore’s whitepaper is available for free on the ESI Marketplace

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