Juked.gg names T.L. Taylor on advisory board

Esports-focused social media network Juked.gg has welcomed T.L. ‘ybika’ Taylor, the Co-founder of AnyKey, to its advisory board.

In her new role, Taylor will work closely with the Juked team on issues surrounding community building, diversity, equity and inclusion on the platform.

T.L Taylor and Juked
Image credit: Juked.gg

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Prior to joining Juked, Taylor worked in the industry for over two decades. In 2015 she co-founded AnyKey, a non-profit aimed at promoting inclusivity in esports. Taylor specialises in researching the culture of gaming and online communities. Taylor is also a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

A release stated that Juked will utilise AnyKey’s definitions of harassment and discrimination, as well as integrate the non-profit’s ‘Keystone Code’ in its content policy. 

The newly-appointed Advisor commented: “Esports has long had the power to bring together all kinds of folks who are excited about gaming, and Juked’s vision to foster inclusive participation in the space is incredibly appealing.

“Gaming has been a home for many over the decades, offering not just a place to play but a way to connect with others. As gaming has continued to grow, fostering positive interaction that brings people together is needed now more than ever.”

Juked will look to tap into Taylor’s expertise in the space to assist in creating an ‘anti-toxic’ home for the esports community and provide discussions, the release said. As such, Taylor will work with the Juked team to define its moderation and content policy, as well as best practices for social features.

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Ben Goldhaber, Juked Co-Founder and CEO, commented: “We believe that reducing toxicity, which is all too prevalent on existing social platforms and in esports in general, is key in our mission to grow esports fandom from where it is today.

“Esports is still niche, but it doesn’t have to be. By creating a more inclusive place for the esports community, we hope to enable new people who’ve been intimidated by the fragmentation and toxicity of esports to feel at home and discover a passion for esports.”

Earlier this year, Juked.gg released a social media mobile app for esports fans. The app features an esports calendar and live streams, as well as news and push notifications. 

Esports Insider says: By welcoming T.L. Taylor to its Advisory Board, Juked is actively contributing to creating a less toxic environment for fans and players — an issue which has notoriously plagued esports and gaming communities. Taylor’s years of experience and research will be beneficial to the organisation, and will hopefully help create a more diverse and inclusive community.

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