Wanyoo UK enters a new era, rebrands to SideQuest Gamers Hub!

Wanyoo UK, an esports studio and gaming café chain, has undergone a complete rebranding to align further with the company’s mission to provide high-quality services to the gaming and esports community.

From now on Wanyoo UK will be known as SideQuest.

Image credit: SideQuest

The overall rebranding looks to establish Sidequest as a universal brand. With Wanyoo being founded in 1998 and originating in China, the brand is only recognised in certain regions of the world. However, with SideQuest’s mission to become a more internationally recognised organisation the company has unveiled a new logo, slogan, website and app.

Utilising the phrase “Play your way”, SideQuest will still retain what made Wanyoo unique, which was providing a source of healthy and joyful entertainment. 

Michael Mulholland, SideQuest Marketing Manager, said: “We felt it was important that our name was something that speaks to people that enjoy gaming and going from Wanyoo UK to SideQuest made sense to us. Our slogan “PLAY YOUR WAY” is about making sure that anyone that enjoys gaming has a place.

“A SideQuest is not just something that we do in games we play, but also in the lives we live. We play games as a means to escape and enjoy ourselves, where work or school or even difficult times fade away and we immerse ourselves in the worlds we want to visit.

“For us, rebranding is just the beginning of our quest and we want to take our members on that journey with us. Our goal is to be able to provide a social experience for gamers all over the UK, opening new locations and growing brand new communities around their favourite games.”

Image credit: SideQuest

SideQuest’s new and improved website will allow members to check their accounts, make direct bookings online, look at and sign up for events and tournaments, as well as shop for gaming peripherals and more! The domain will also feature SideQuest news and SideQuest supported games. 

When checking accounts, members will be able to see their Side coins (credits), available gaming time, vouchers, orders, bookings and other membership details. Moreover, via SideQuest’s app, members can top up their credits. 

To celebrate this monumental rebranding, SideQuest will be hosting a press event on the 1st June at the SideQuest Gamers Hub, London (WC2H 0NE). The event will feature a tour of the store and its facilities as well as a talk from SideQuest’s CEO Zhaorong Chen. For anybody interested in attending the event, register here

Key Takeaways

  • The UK division of the Chinese esports studio and gaming cafe Wanyoo, is rebranding to SideQuest.
  • SideQuest have a new website and an app, both are live now.
  • This rebrand is part of the company’s mission to establish itself more globally, and it links in with the aim to bring gaming & esports culture to the masses however you enjoy engaging with games, with the slogan “Play Your Way”.

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