Abios and Kambi launch esports betting whitepaper

Image credit: Abios / Kambi

Esports data and technology company Abios has partnered with esports betting technology company Kambi to create a white paper focused on esports betting.

According to the two companies, the white paper will discuss various standpoints within esports betting. This includes regulation, compliance, and trends in the betting sector, as well as other similar topics. Kambi Group acquired Abios in 2021 for up to £22m.

Both Abios and Kambi explained in a release that the document will include insights from esports betting and data experts. For example, Oliver Lamb, the SVP of Risk and Compliance at Kambi discusses esports integrity esports. Abios’ Oskar Fröberg (CEO and Founder) and Tomas Ericsson (Vice President of Odds) will collaborate to talk about latest trends.

Meanwhile, Unibet’s Esports Product Manager, Filip Kristersson, gives a sportsbook perspective on the subject of esports.

The two companies stressed the need to ‘decrypt’ the esports ecosystem, especially for companies that work in the field of sports betting. Although esports is a growing medium, it is important to know the nuances of the industry particularly within the betting scene in order to set apart successful sportsbooks.

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Regarding the white paper, Fröberg commented: “As we’re venturing further into the betting scene with Kambi, we want to share our combined findings in esports and betting with sportsbooks and other interested stakeholders.

“By releasing a white paper providing insights into the different aspects of esports, we’ll hopefully help someone in creating even better esports products, or building something entirely new.”

Interestingly, this is not the first esports betting whitepaper launched this year. PandaScore, another data company, published its own esports betting whitepaper in April.

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