Yesports launches B2B esports NFT membership service

11 August 2022


Image credit: Yesports

Web3 esports engagement platform Yesports has officially launched a B2B platform-as-a-service for customisable NFT memberships.

The service, which was first revealed in a $2.25m (~£1.66m) funding round, looks to enable esports organisations to tap into Web3 for revenue and fan engagement opportunities.

According to Yesports, 10 teams and players have signed up for the platform. This includes the likes of Talon Esports, INFINITY, Renegades and BOOM Esports, among others. 

Yesports said the NFT memberships will provide fans with access to a specific team’s benefits. Some of the perks noted as examples include interactions with their favourite team, buying NFTs, purchasing merch from team marketplaces, as well as other customisable benefits decided by the organisations. Teams will be given the opportunity to lock and unlock certain rewards, with the technical aspect covered by Yesports. 

The platform’s memberships are expected to come in three tiers: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Fans can purchase memberships through one-off purchases of a team-specific NFT. Organisations will be able to customise the membership format, which includes altering the payment structure, tier arrangement and pricing.

The membership tokens will be available to buy directly on Yesports and tradable via third-party NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea. Web3’s is seeing growing popularity in esports. Two esports organisations — KRÜ Esports and Furious Gaming —have signed Web3 partnerships with FITCHIN since the start of August alone in order to utilise web3 for fan engagement purposes.

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Sean Zhang, CEO and Co-founder of Talon Esports, one of the teams involved in the platform, commented:  “Yesports has given us ready-made tools and a revolutionary framework to bring Web3 functionality to our audience, unlocking unrivalled engagement and direct-to-consumer benefits. 

“NFT membership will help us create new revenue streams while solidifying existing ones and deliver new ways for fans to show their support and loyalty.”

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