PUBG Mobile unveils details for Regional Clash tournament series

20 September 2022


Image credit: PUBG MOBILE

Game publisher KRAFTON has announced that PUBG Mobile’s inaugural Regional Clash tournament series between PMPL Southeast Asia and PEL China will have a $30,000 (~£26,310) prize pool.

PUBG MOBILE has also revealed the full list of participants for the event, which is set to take place September 22nd-25th. Some of the organisations competing include FaZe Clan, Bacon Time, Boom Esports, LGD Gaming and back-to-back PUBG Mobile Global Championship winners Nova Esports.

The PUBG Mobile Regional Clash 2022 is an event with a similar theme to competitions such as League of Legends Rift Rivals, in which two opposing regions face off. The first iteration sees China and Southeast Asia compete. It has yet to be confirmed when, or if, other regions will be included in future editions.

The tournament format sees five matches per day set to be broadcast over the duration of the event, totalling 20 matches. Teams will be awarded points based on final standing and eliminations.

After all the games have concluded, the top two teams alongside top-ranked teams from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar will face off in a showmatch. PUBG Mobile also revealed that game MVP’s will be awarded a separate prize without revealing details.

James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, commented: “With the best teams from PMPL Southeast Asia and PEL China set to compete, the very first Regional Clash promises to be gripping from start to finish.”

This is not the first time PUBG Mobile has been in the media spotlight this month. Last week the title teamed up with the Pakistan Cricket Board to become an official sponsor of the England vs Pakistan 2022 T20 Series.

Moreover, the mobile title announced an upcoming collaboration with Dragon Ball in August this year for which activations are scheduled for 2023.

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