GOALS hires Jonas Rundberg as Chief Technical Officer

03 October 2022


(ESI Illustration) Image credit: GOALS

Play-to-earn (P2E) football game GOALS has announced the appointment of Jonas Rundberg as the company’s new Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Rundberg will be tasked with leading the company’s tech teams and developing GOALS’ flagship product. Notably, the company was founded by SK Gaming’s Co-founder Andreas Thorstensson last year.

Prior to joining GOALS, Rundberg had a long tenure at King, the developer behind well-known mobile game Candy Crush, as its VP of Global Technology Operations, among other roles. He left the company in 2018 and later joined Voi Technology, a mobility company focused on electric scooters, in 2020 as its VP of Engineering.

GOALS notably received $15m (£11.42m) in seed funding earlier this year. The company is developing a new football game that is, according to the company, ‘esports ready’ and wants to set itself apart by incorporating a P2E system. The game itself is now in a pre-alpha state, with limited playability. Its biggest competitor is EA Sports’ FIFA franchise.

Rundberg will replace Göran Syberg Falguera, the company’s Co-Founder and previous CTO. Falguera will focus on leading the company from now on, with the CTO role now being fulfilled by Rundberg entirely.

In a LinkedIn post detailing the new team member, GOALS shared: “Jonas will be a great support to the tech teams in building the world’s best football game, but he will also apply his experience from what’s needed to operate a live game as well as making good value out of data for GOALS.

“We’re so excited to have you onboard Jonas, especially since you truly share our belief that it’s time to reinvent HOW we build games and not only focusing on WHAT to build.”

Ivan Šimić
Ivan comes from Croatia, loves weird simulator games, and is terrible at playing anything else. Spent 5 years writing about tech and esports in Croatia, and is now doing it here.