MPL Malaysia Season 10 records the league’s highest-ever viewership

19 October 2022


Image credit: MPL Malaysia

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang regional league MPL Malaysia recorded 232,500 peak viewers for Season 10, the competition’s highest viewership to date.

The latest season saw an increase of nearly 90,000 peak viewers from Season 9 (143,783), which took place earlier this year. According to statistics from Esports Charts, this is the fourth season in a row that MPL Malaysia has seen viewership growth.

As well as recording the league’s peak viewership, MPL Malaysia also garnered the most hours watched, clocking in at over 6.1m hours. However, the league did fail to beat its average viewership record, which still stands at 31,720 during MPL Malaysia Season 8. It is important to note that Season 10 had 50 more hours of total air time compared to Season 8 (210 hours – 167 hours).

Whilst the league’s viewership increase does highlight its development, it is still significantly behind the viewership figures being recorded by MPL’s two franchised leagues — MPL Philippines and MPL Indonesia. As of this writing, the latest season of the Indonesian league boasts a peak viewership of 1.7m, whereas MPL Philippines managed 513,000.

The most viewed matchup of MPL Malaysia Season 10 was the finals between Team HAQ and TODAK. Despite Team HAQ walking out the victor, both organisations have qualified for MLBB’s international event, the M4 Championship, which is taking place in Malaysia in January 2023. 

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The sponsors for this season’s MPL Malaysia event included the likes of Secretlab, Samsung, McDonald’s and TikTok, among others. 

Short-form video platform TikTok recorded a peak viewership of 65,966 for MPL Malaysia’s latest season. However, the majority of the competition’s viewership comes from YouTube (125,414 peak viewers).

MPL also recently concluded its season in Cambodia, recording over 100,000 peak viewers in its second season. 

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