Nadeshot launches energy drink brand Juvee

05 October 2022


Juvee Nadeshot 100 Thieves
Image credit: Juvee / 100 Thieves

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, the Co-founder and CEO of North American esports organisation 100 Thieves, has launched his own energy drink brand Juvee.

The Juvee energy drink officially launched on October 4th and will be available in three flavours in the United States.

In a Twitter video posted the day of the release, Haag described that it was his love of energy drinks that led him to create his own brand. Apart from Haag, Juvee has also hired Samuel Keene as its General Manager. Keene has years of experience in the drinks market — previously Red Bull’s Regional Marketing Director — as well as extensive experience in marketing as Xperi’s VP of Marketing.

Juvee is not a brand associated with 100 Thieves, but it is a company founded by 100 Thieves members.

The product is what you’d expect from an energy drink brand. 128mg of caffeine, as well as no sugar and five calories. The name of the drink, Juvee, is short for rejuvenation, Haag explained in an interview with Jake Lucky. Haag added that the idea was in his mind since he split ways with Red Bull and that Juvee is “part of his life from the moment he wakes up in the morning.”

Describing the idea behind the brand, Matthew Haag said in a video: “If there’s an energy drink on the market, I promise you, I drank it. And what we decided is that none of these actually fit my needs. None of these taste exactly the way I would make it if I had my own energy drink company. So that’s exactly what we did – we made our own.”

The energy drink is just one of the ventures connected to 100 Thieves, with keyboard brand Higround being a notable side venture. 100 Thieves notably announced that the company plans to create a video game, highlighting the importance of diversifying income for esports-focused brands.

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