NSE and Intel confirm FutureGen 2023

17 October 2022


Image credit: NSE / Intel

National Student Esports (NSE) has announced a new edition of its esports and gaming programme FutureGen, which is once again in collaboration with hardware manufacturer Intel.

The programme helps students get acquainted with the esports and gaming industries with the help of guest speakers, workshops and a buddy system focusing on one-on-one sessions. Applications are open for all students studying full-time at UK universities.

This is the third consecutive year for FutureGen, and it comes after the two companies extended their exclusive partnership this July. FutureGen focuses on connecting students to industry insiders and helping them make the first steps in the esports and gaming industries. Intel and NSE expanded the programme to allow for 20 full-time UK students to participate, a number that remains unchanged for 2023.

The programme itself consists of both digital and physical experiences, the organisers explained. These range from guest speakers, event visits and other experiences. For example, students of the 2023 class will have the opportunity for one-on-one Q&A sessions with the speakers after their presentations.

Returning this year is the buddy system. NSE and Intel will connect each student with an industry expert to provide relevant career insight and advice. The experts that will help students make their first esports steps come from companies such as Xbox, Ubisoft, Unity and FACEIT. Their backgrounds include marketing, reporting, finance and partnership management.

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Alex Coulson, Managing Director at NSE commented: “The previous cohort was an amazing group of talented individuals, it’s great to see many of them in roles at leading companies like Pokémon, Esports Insider and EXCEL.

“Thank you to all the industry figures involved and especially Intel who enable us to do this program and provide a fantastic opportunity and accolade for our students that are aspiring esports industry professionals.”

The online broadcasts and sessions will also be available for the NSE members regardless of if they are a part of FutureGen.

Ivan Šimić
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