Misfits Gaming Group launches $20m creator fund

03 November 2022


Misfits Gaming Group
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Misfits Gaming Group

Esports and gaming company Misfits Gaming Group will launch a $20m (~£17.8m) fund called the Misfits Creator Fund.

The fund, which will be open to creators and influencers, is expected to provide resources and infrastructure to kickstart creative and sustainable projects.

The new fund will allow Misfits to help finance a large number of projects, ranging from high-profile ventures like television and streaming shows to smaller ventures such as live events, conferences, merchandise lines or streaming shows.

Interestingly, the esports and gaming company wants to also take the project a step further. Misfits will provide creators with services ranging from financial investments to HR, marketing and operations resources. Also available are other resources the company has curated, such as partnership and sales divisions, production and more. The company has noted that creators will also be able to use all of Misfits’ resources.

The move to support creators is not a surprising revelation for the organisation. Misfits notably sold its LEC slot and also left LFL, France’s regional League of Legends league, earlier this year. The organisation announced that it plans to shift its focus more towards digital content creators and it seems that the Misfits Creator Fund is the flagship venture aimed precisely at that.

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Ben Spoont, Co-Founder and CEO of Misfits Gaming Group, commented in a release: “The Misfits Creator Fund is designed to be a true partnership with creator talent, helping to support and shoulder many of the headaches involved with launching large-scale projects so they, in turn, have the full headspace to concoct and create ambitious and exciting new ideas.”

Misfits Gaming Group revaled that any and all creators will be able to apply for the Fund via the official website, and that the company aims to partner with top creators from the gaming and streaming community. Moreover, the seeks talent who share the same “values of creating a better and more inclusive gaming industry”.

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