Astralis launches media company Blackbox Media

16 December 2022


Image credit: Blackbox Media

Danish esports organisation Astralis has launched a media company called Blackbox Media alongside Keld Reinicke and Henrik Juul.

According to a release, Blackbox Media will focus on helping guide brands to reach audiences that are in ‘constant motion’. This will include marketing, production and branding services for clients.

The company will be run by senior Astralis figures, with Astralis founder Jakob Lund Kristensen acting as co-founder and CEO. Astralis’ current CEO, Anders Hørsholt, has taken the role of chairman of the board for the new company.

Astralis will be joined by Keld Reinicke as a board member and co-Founder, as well as Henrik Juul, who will also act as a co-founder and board member.

Reinicke is a prominent figure in the Danish broadcasting industry. He is an experienced professional in the production and television industries, as well as an advisor, consultant, and lecturer. He is also behind Veo Technologies, a company developing an AI-enhanced camera for team sports. Reinicke will be joined by Juul, a Danish movie producer.

The board members show an interesting combination of esports and media and help paint a picture of what exactly Blackbox Media intends to create. The company did not share any details regarding future concepts and clients. However, Kristensen did note that the company will help brands develop brand strategies, digital marketing, and media understanding, as well as production and execution.

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Keld Reinicke, board member and co-founder of Blackbox Media, said: “At Blackbox Media, we want to become the leading, modern media company. We guide brands to their audience, we help our customers understand the new media landscape in all its forms and developments, and we want to be part of the target group – from discovery to obsession.”

Henrik Juul, co-founder and board member of Blackbox Media, added: “We are going to bring to the market a completely new approach to media and target groups, with the addition of extensive strategic and execution experience, knowledge of brands and marketing, as well as a deep understanding of tech, which means that we can help in a new, thoroughly integrated way.”