FURIA ramps up with FURIA Skate Club launch, signs Lua Vicente

Image credit: FURIA

Brazilian esports organisation FURIA has announced the launch of FURIA Skate Club.

To launch the initiative, the organisation has also signed Brazilian professional skateboarder Lua Vicente. The project is designed to ‘impact communities in Brazil and abroad through skateboarding’.

FURIA Skate Club will support aspiring skaters by organising events and improving existing skateparks for locals to use. In addition, the organisation plans on acquiring partners for the events along with a range of initiatives focused on skateboarding.

Vicente joins the FURIA Skate Club ahead of making her debut at the Skate World Championship taking place in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The event provides competitors with a chance to qualify for the 2024 Olympics.

The creation of the FURIA Skate Club is the first initiative for the organisation in 2023. In recent months, it cancelled its partnership with cryptocurrency exchange FTX following the exchange’s bankruptcy filing. Earlier in 2022, the organisation secured a partnership with stream management platform Streamcoi to manage its content creation rosters.

This isn’t the first occurrence of esports organisations and brands signing skateboarders to their rosters. In September 2021, peripherals brand HyperX signed Minna Stess to its roster of ambassadors.

André Akkari, Co-founder of FURIA, spoke on the project: “We have several esports lines but we also have chess, poker, streamers making varied content, and we want to increase our impact on traditional and extreme sports. One of these areas is skateboarding.

“We want to set up a relationship club between FURIA and skateboarding, in which we can support skateboarding in all aspects that we can, whether in the future construction of tracks, or supporting athletes to go to competitions, or having official athletes,”

Jonno Nicholson
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