KitKat extends partnership with EMEA Masters

kitkat emea masters header
Image credit: Riot Games / KitKat

Nestlé-owned chocolate brand KitKat has extended its partnership with Riot Games for League of Legends’ 2023 EMEA Masters (formerly EU Masters).

The renewed partnership will see KitKat continue to be a main partner for the EMEA Masters Spring and Summer tournaments. KitKat will continue to sponsor parts of the broadcast and its logo will appear in the game itself during EMEA Master matches in 2023.

KitKat first partnered with Riot Games for the European Masters in 2020 and has worked with Riot to include its ‘take a break; slogan in broadcast segments. The partnership is set to last at least until the end of this year.

KitKat’s partnership with Riot Games also includes the top-flight European league, the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), and many other regional leagues in League of Legends. These include the Baltic Masters, NLC, Ultraliga, EBL and LFL, to name a few.

KitKat has been a partner of esports companies and events for a while now. The company is notably a partner of Spanish esports organisation Giants and has also teamed up with CBLOL, BLAST, AGO Rogue, among many others.

Eva Suarez, Head of Esports Partnerships EMEA at Riot Games, commented on the partnership: “As one of our longest-standing EMEA partners KitKat has enabled us to unlock some incredible experiences for EMEA fans. It continues to be a pleasure to partner with a team that is clearly invested in supporting esports fandom.” 

The EMEA Masters is a new name for the well-known European Masters tournament in League of Legends. It is the second-highest tier of competition in Europe, hosting the winners of national leagues around the continent and the rest of the EMEA region. Interestingly, the champions of the last edition of the European Masters, Team Heretics, are now a part of the LEC.

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