Chipotle furthers FGC involvement through Street Fighter 6

Image credit: Chipotle

American restaurant chain Chipotle has announced several new moves in the esports and gaming fighting game community (FGC) ecosystem. This is headlined by a partnership with game developer Capcom for the new Street Fighter 6 game.

The brand will act as a launch partner of Street Fighter 6 and be a presenting sponsor of the Evolution Championship Series (Evo). The brand also announced a new edition of its Chipotle Challenger Series.

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The new activations are mostly based around Chipotle’s partnership with Capcom, the developer Street Fighter 6, but also with other stakeholders in the FGC. As such, Chipotle will be a partner of FGC convention COMBO BREAKER and will also advertise on PlayStation media.

As Evo’s presenting partner, Chipotle will work with its organisers on in-person activations, a community lounge, brackets for prizes and other rewards for visitors. News of Chipotle’s involvement with Evo was first announced earlier this year.

Chipotle is a well-known American restaurant franchise chain, known for Mexican-style dishes. The brand is also active in the esports space, having partnered with the likes of ESL Gaming and 100 Thieves in the past.

Chipotle also has its own esports competition, the Chipotle Challenger Series. This Street Fighter tournament features cash prizes and other rewards for players, with the best-placed teams receiving a trip to Evo 2023.

As a part of its partnership with Capcom and Twitch, viewers will be able to get free Chipotle meals as rewards.

Jason Scorrano, Head of Partnerships at RTS, commented: “This partnership will provide Chipotle with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the passionate and dedicated fighting game community and to create innovative activations in-game and in-real-life within Street Fighter 6, Chipotle Challenger Series, Evo, Capcom Pro Tour and COMBO BREAKER throughout 2023.”

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