Glytch appoints LuvSeats CEO Darcy Silver as Chief Investment Officer

glytch appoints darcy silver as chief investment officer
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Glytch

Darcy Silver, the Co-Founder and CEO of ticket resale marketplace LuvSeats, has been appointed as the new Chief Investment Officer for esports stadium and venue company Glytch.

Silver’s primary focus will be to drive investor growth and capitalisation activities to support Glytch’s ambitious vision of constructing 32 esports stadiums/entertainment destinations throughout the United States and Canada.

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Furthermore, Silver will leverage LuvSeats’ expertise to develop and implement an innovative ticketing system for Glytch’s performance venues, ensuring it aligns with the evolving needs and expectations of its customers.

Glytch aims to integrate its proprietary ticketing system into its mobile app, serving as a platform that not only replaces arcade tokens with a payment system but also functions as a customer relationship management system for the company’s venues.

While holding the positions of Co-Founder and CEO of LuvSeats, Silver also serves as the Executive Market President for Dynatron Software.

Before joining Dynatron in 2013, Silver served as Director of Advanced Media for Auto Point, a service repair solutions (SRS) firm, where he launched the start-up B2C call centre and digital marketing division.

The newly appointed Chief Investment Officer commented: “We see the opportunity for creating the entire esports ecosystem, and have put on our hard hats to pave the path forward to become the leading ‘alternative’ primary ticketing experience built specifically for the younger generation. Our partnership with Glytch will launch a new era in US-based ticketing solutions that will benefit fans, artists, and esports teams in a market that’s still fairly new and growing.”

Earlier this month, Glytch also announced that former CEO of Allier Esports, Rob Proctor, will be joining the company as its new Chief Revenue Officer.

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