Paper Rex partners with Secretlab

Image credit: Secretlab / Paper Rex

Singapore-based esports organisation Paper Rex has announced a partnership with gaming furniture brand Secretlab.

The esports organisation announced the partnership across its social media channels, but did not disclose any particular details about the deal. According to One Esports, the two brands will work together on a custom-made gaming chair.

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Founded in 2020, Paper Rex has become a prominent Southeast Asian esports organisation, mainly known for its successes in VALORANT.

The organisation is one of the partners for the VCT Pacific, VALORANT’s top-flight league for the region which includes Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and the South Asia Pacific region.

Paper Rex is the current title holder, having won the VCT Pacfic playoffs in late May 2023. The grand final between Paper Rex and DRX garnered almost 400,000 viewers.

Alongside Secretlab, the organisation’s commercial portfolio also includes the likes of PC builder Dreamcore, memory brand HyperX and peripherals brand Benq.

This will not be the first time this year that Paper Rex has used Secretlab chairs. As an official partner of VCT Pacific, Sectretlab provided its gaming chairs during broadcasts for all competitors.

Singapore brand Secretlab is one of the most popular esports chair brands in the sector. Alongside its collaboration with VCT Pacific, the brand is prominent across the entire Riot Games VALORANT ecosystem.

Outside of the FPS shooter, Secretlab is a partner of a large number of esports leagues and teams, including League of Legends’ LEC and esports awards show Esports Awards as well as esports teams Team Vitality, Talon Esports and many others.

Although major details of the deal were not disclosed, it is safe to say that Secretlab will provide gaming chairs for Paper Rex players as a result of the partnership.

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