Saudi Esports Federation and PLG launch second season of ‘Stream School’

Screenshot of streamer on blue background surrounded by PC peripherals next to a PLG Presents Stream School Season 2 logo
Image credit: Saudi Esports Federation, PLG

The Saudi Esports Federation and gaming and esports agency PLG have unveiled the second season of ‘Stream School.’

The weekly series aims to upskill viewers with the tools needed to become a successful content creator.

The launch of the second Streamer School season is in collaboration with the Saudi Esports Federation’s ‘Voice of Saudi Esports’ initiative, which aims to promote and elevate the Kingdom’s growing gaming content creation industry.

Season two will be delivered in Arabic and is suitable for ages eight and above. Moreover, the series will be hosted by Saudi streamer DRB7H, who has 2.7m subscribers on YouTube and 625,000 followers on Twitch.

According to a release, gaming content creation in Saudi Arabia has increased by 30% following the COVID-19 pandemic. The Saudi Esports Federation and PLG will include a number of exclusive toolkits enabling aspiring content creators to enhance their offerings and promote their brands to a wider audience.

Season two of Stream School marks another expansion for the Saudi Esports Federation which continues to develop at an impressive rate. In May 2023, the Federation secured a deal with sports and esports agency SPORTFIVE to offer support and management of its initiatives.

The first season of Stream School amassed an audience of 1.34m views across Saudi Esports Federation and PLG social media channels with 43% of the audience being female.

The Saudi Esports Federation claims 42% of the Kingdom’s total gaming population are female with 18% actively participating in esports competitions.

Ahmed Al Bishri, Deputy CEO of the Saudi Esports Federation, spoke on Streamer School: “We are happy to see Voices of Saudi Esports collaborating with PLG. This collaboration is a significant step in providing a different and new educational experience in the content creation industry.

“It’s a new approach to push our ambassadors to another level. Our collaboration with PLG will provide a unique opportunity for content creators to expand their knowledge and horizons to be the best in this field.”

Jonno Nicholson
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