British Esports strikes two-year deal with Dell and Intel

british esports dell intel partnership 2023
Image credit: British Esports

British Esports, a national body created to support grassroots esports in the UK, has unveiled a two-year collaboration with tech giants Dell and Intel.

This partnership names Dell and Intel as official technology and hardware partners, while also appointing Alienware as the official hardware provider for British Esports and the National Esports Performance Campus (NEPC) located in Sunderland, England.

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According to a release, British Esports aims to secure five official partners and suppliers to further support the future of esports and education in the UK.

Teaming up with Dell and Intel, British Esports conducted surveys among students aged 11-17 to understand their “technology learning experiences” and the importance of “21st-century skills” for future education and career prospects.

A majority of surveyed students agreed that combining an esports qualification with other subjects would improve university admission prospects. Additionally, many students saw it as a source of practical industry experience, as well as recognised its importance for STEM subjects.

Overall, the survey claimed that students valued the broader opportunities; standout appeal in higher education applications; and transferable skills that esports integration offers, ultimately enhancing their educational experience.

The findings also highlight esports’ influence on students’ skill development (problem-solving, critical thinking, etc.) and its role in fostering a sense of community, inclusion, leadership, and competition.

Chester King, CEO of British Esports, commented on the partnership: “We’re delighted to partner with Dell, Intel and Alienware as our first official partners and suppliers. Collaborating with such industry-leading organisations who share our vision and values is a significant milestone and we are grateful for their commitment.

“This partnership will ensure that the national esports performance campus will be equipped with state-of-the-art computing technology, delivering on its promise as the UK’s most advanced esports and education performance and training centre.”

In pursuit of similar objectives, British Esports expanded its advisory board by adding six new members earlier this year. The main purpose behind these additions was to further promote the esports industry in the UK and enhance the country’s esports infrastructure.

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