ESL FACEIT Group partners with GhostFrame

ESL FACEIT Group / Appario Global Solutions
Image credit: ESL FACEIT Group / Appario Global Solutions

Esports tournament organiser ESL FACEIT Group has announced a partnership with broadcast technology company Appario Global Solutions for its GhostFrame product.

The partnership will allow EFG to incorporate GhostFrame’s technology into its broadcasts as the company looks to improve its overall viewership experience. This includes AR, green screen and cue technology, among other things.

ESI London 2024

CS:GO’s Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Cologne 2023 will utilise GhostFrame’s technology, according to a release.

GhostFrame is a set of broadcast tools that allow broadcasters to improve the quality of the end product. The technology allows for the creation of better on-screen graphics, as well as hidden camera tracking and multiple source video feeds, according to the two companies. The product is a result of a collaboration between AGS, Megapixel Visual Reality and ROE Visual.

In practice, this will allow EFG to easily create localised broadcasts with different on-screen adverts, and allow for a better experience for broadcast talent. For example, GhostFrame allows for real-time cues for talent and makes it easier to overlay questions or other context in the studio, but hides it from the audience. It also allows for better situational awareness of AR elements.

This is the first time that the GhostFrame technology is used in an esports arena setting, with both parties expressing optimism over the improved quality that this will bring to the table. CEO of Appario Global Solutions Peter Angell noted that the end goal of the partnership is to “transcend regionalisation” and help improve the overall esports broadcasting landscape.

The GhostFrame technology was recently used during a broadcast of The International 2022 by Myreze, where the company used a multi-camera wall equipped with GhostFrame technology.

Fabian Leimbach, Senior Director of Broadcast Engineering at the ESL FACEIT Group, commented: “The partnership with GhostFrame represents a significant step in our commitment to delivering the best possible esports broadcasting and will enable us to provide our fans all around the globe with an unparalleled gaming experience that will set new standards in the industry.”

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