100 Thieves launches new game Bank Heist in Fortnite

fortnite bank heist
Image credit: 100 Thieves / Epic Games

North American esports, gaming and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves has announced the launch of a custom game in Fortnite called Bank Heist.

Bank Heist will be available for all Fortnite players and is 100 Thieves’ first game project that has been released. The mode consists of a team-based heist situation in which one team defends the loot, while the other attempts to steal it.

The game mode is created through the UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) platform, a new feature that allows for creators to make their own in-game modes in the popular video game. The Editor was notably used to create a shooting-focused island for the recent Olympic Games Week in Singapore.

The company noted in a release that the game mode is a result of the work of the 100 Thieves in-house game development team. Pete Hawley, the Chief Product Officer and Head of Game Development at 100 Thieves said that the brand worked with creators to build an “innovative take on the competitive multiplayer extraction genre in just a few weeks.”

Creators involved in the projects include streamers Courage and Valkyrae, who were also added as narrators in the game mode and feature in the promotional materials for Bank Heist.

In addition to Bank Heist, 100 Thieves announced that the company plans to create more Fortnite game islands in the coming months.

The development of Project X, an entirely new game developed by 100 Thieves, will continue separately.

John Robinson, President & COO of 100 Thieves, commented: “Epic Games has given non-traditional game developers like 100 Thieves an amazing toolset to build something fun in weeks, not years.

“Building with UEFN was an easy and welcome decision, given our love for Fortnite and experience using Unreal Engine.” 

Ivan Šimić
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