PUBG Esports unveils latest in-game team skins

Screenshot of PUBG Esports in-game team skins on a dark blue and black background
Image credit: KRAFTON

KRAFTON, the developer behind battle royale title PUBG, has unveiled the latest in-game skins for four of its PUBG Esports global partner teams.

Gen.G, Four Angry Men, Twisted Minds and Soniqs will have branded skins that are set to appear in the in-game store starting August 2nd.

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2023 is the first year of PUBG Esports’ partner team programme. The eight teams taking part in the programme will receive financial benefits from the items that are available for players to buy from store. KRAFTON highlighted that 25% of PUBG net sales of the team edition skins will be distributed to its Global Partner teams.

Additionally, partner teams are guaranteed a place in the PUBG Global Series which started in April and will resume in September.

The first batch of in-game items launched in April 2023 and were available to purchase until mid-May. The second batch of skins are available until August 30th.

PUBG Esports named the first wave of partner teams in January 2023. Alongside Twisted Minds, Soniqs, Gen.G and Four Angry Men, the likes of FaZe Clan, NAVI, Petrichor Road, and 17Gaming were revealed.

Following the creation of the partner team programme, KRAFTON has continued to build the PUBG esports scene. In June 2023, the developer announced the PUBG Nations Cup will head to South Korea for the first time since 2019.

While PUBG Esports partner teams are guaranteed a spot at events, non-partner teams also have a chance to compete through a number of qualification and regional events.

The next PUBG esports event is the second PUBG Global Series of 2023. Taking place at the Gamers8 event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from August 10th-20th, teams from across the world will compete for a share of $2m (~£1.55m) in prize money.

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