Stephen Duval appointed as Special Advisor to Guild Esports’ board

Guild Esports
Image credit: Guild Esports

British esports organisation Guild Esports has announced the appointment of Stephen Duval as the newest advisor to its Board of Directors.

Guild Esports said Duval would advise the esports organisation on financial topics, drawing from his experience in venture capital and sports, though the company did not share any further specific details about what he would advise on.

Stephen Duval is a seasoned veteran in the sports business space. Right now he is behind Empowerment IP, a rights monetisation and advisory company that works in sports, media and entertainment. Empowerment IP directly advises on transaction that include celebrity equity, brand equity, brand development and intellectual property, Guild said in a release.

Duval is also one of the founders of 23 Capital, a venture capital company focused on sports and entertainment. The company has worked with sports clubs in the Premier League, the NBA, NFL and other leagues.

The financial experience Duval brings to the table, as well as his network, could be beneficial to Guild in to growing its partnership portfolio and connecting with high-profile individuals and clients.

Duval’s experience working with celebrities will also likely play a role, given Guild Esports’ close association with ex-footballer star David Beckham.

Guild Esports recently entered sim racing through a partnership in June with racing peripherals brand Fanatec. The company raised £600,000 to further develop its racing facilities, as well as to fund day to day operations.

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, commented: “I warmly welcome Stephen as Special Adviser to Guild. He has highly valuable expertise and has developed an extensive track record in intellectual property monetisation as well as in the sporting and entertainment worlds.

“We look forward to his strategic insights as we continue our strong focus on growth and strategic partnerships, operational excellence and financial discipline.”

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