CS.MONEY parent company Ex corp launches initiative for young esports talents and creators

Image credit: ex corp.

Esports technology company Ex corp., the owner of CS:GO trading site CS.MONEY, has announced a new initiative called ex boost. The initiative is aimed at supporting young and promising individuals in the esports and gaming spaces.

The main idea behind ex boost. is to support young people through their first major steps in esports by providing mentorship as well as financial and infrastructural support.

Ex boost. plans to use Ex corp.’s facilities to support individuals interested in tech, content creation, social media, data analytics, or research, among other things. Ex boost offers individuals access to internships, coaching, mentoring, access to tournaments, as well as financial support.

The company noted that the programme is focused on young people who are already making their way in the esports and gaming industry through their own efforts and have an idea of a project they would be interested in. Interested individuals must be under 30, have no prior working experience in gaming and esports, and be able to communicate effectively in English.

Ex corp. provides technology for CS:GO skin trading platform CS.MONEY, as well as in-game analytics service scope.gg, esports media Blix.gg and others. This gives participants of the programme a wide range of options to choose from.

Ex corp. shared the following statement about the initiative’s purpose: “The main purpose of ex boost. is to support those eager and ready for their journey in gaming to gain speed but who, at the same time, require infrastructural, mentor, or financial support. The ex boost. the programme offers assistance in various key areas within the esports industry, leveraging Ex corp.’s facilities, experience and network.”

The company also noted that the first participant of the initiative, Armin Heidrich, successfully worked as a reporter at Blix.gg for a large-scale esports event in Washington D.C., USA. Heidrich secured an internship at Blix.gg upon his arrival, and ex corp. created a short documentary about his life and work as a demonstration of the initiative’s effect.

Ivan Šimić
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