Gen.G announces League of Legends Worlds jersey and theme song

06 October 2023


Image credit: Gen.G / BIG Naughty

South Korean esports organisation Gen.G has announced a new jersey and theme song ahead of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship.

The new jersey was designed together with apparel brand The Hundreds, and the Worlds anthem is a result of a collaboration with South Korean rapper BIG Naughty. The song is called ‘Rock the Cup’ and a music video will go live on October 7th.

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Gen.G is one of the most prominent League of Legends organisations in the world, winning the Worlds two times and finishing in the top three a total of six times. The organisation is a favourite to win Worlds 2023, after winning both the Spring and Summer playoffs of the LCK this year.

The organisation has continued the theme of creating songs ahead of its Worlds appearances. Gen.G first created a theme song in 2021 and another one called ‘Rollin’ in 2022. This time around, the song is performed by BIG Naughty, an artist signed to H1GHR Music, the label of which is Gen.G’s Executive Music and Entertainment Advisor Jay Park.

The song and the accompanying music video will be released on October 7th and features the debut of Gen.G’s new Worlds jersey. The jersey was developed together with THE HUNDREDS, an American streetwear brand based in Los Angeles. The two brands noted that it adopted a “white tiger” theme for the jersey, reflecting both the team’s heritage and its fandom which is called TigerNation.

Gen.G CEO, Arnold Hur, commented on the announcement: “We adopted the White Tiger theme because this team’s growth, both as individuals and as a team, has been incredible.

“The players wanted to express that the job’s not finished and they are still looking to grow and prove themselves on the international stage. We worked this into our collaborations with The Hundreds and the artist BIG Naughty; the team continues to transform into Worlds.”

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