Oakley partners with Complexity Warzone streamer Repullze

03 October 2023


Repullze Oakley
Image credit: Oakley

North American eyewear and apparel company Oakley has announced a partnership with Call of Duty: Warzone streamer and Complexity content creator Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres.

Torres will become a brand ambassador for Oakley, and use the brand’s Prizm Gaming glasses during streams, activations and other gaming activities. The duration of the partnership was not announced.

Oakley has been a noted supporter of gaming and esports brands for a few years and has worked with notable streamers, content creators, esports organisations, events and players in the past. The company is a partner of the industry awards show Esports Awards, as well as high-profile streamers including G2 Yuli and OpTic SCUMP.

Torres is a Call of Duty Warzone streamer, content creator and competitor, with more than 260,000 Twitch followers. Repullze has grown from a relatively unknown name in the space to being a notable Warzone personality. Torres is currently a content creator for North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming.

Felipe Formiga, Head of Esports and Gaming Global Partnerships at Oakley, commented: “At Oakley, we are passionate about powering the field of play in esports and empowering everyone to Be Who You Are. Because of that, we continue to increase our commitment to the Gaming community and we are thrilled to welcome Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres to the Oakley family.”

The partnership between Torres and Oakley will be based on the new Oakley Prizm Gaming lenses which are angled towards gamers and esports players, promising better contrast and a reduction in eye strain.

It should be noted that the partnership is based on the lenses, which means that Torres may be able to wear them in different frames from Oakley.

Ivan Šimić
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