XSET announces Fortnite content creator Clix as ambassador and part-owner

10 October 2023


xset clix co-owner
Image credit: XSET

North American esports organisation XSET has announced a large-scale partnership with Fortnite content creator and professional player Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod.

As a part of the multi-year partnership, Clix will become a part-owner of XSET and release a limited-edition merchandise collection with the brand. In the future, Clix will work with XSET on several fronts, ranging from merchandise to in-game activations and other content.

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Conrod is most known for being a professional Fortnite player, having played for North American organisations Misfits Gaming and NRG in the past under the moniker Clix. Conrod was one of the youngest participants of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, representing Misfits. After leaving competitive Fortnite, Conrod turned towards content creation and is now one of the most-followed Fortnite streamers in North America.

XSET has recently announced an expansion into women’s CS:GO and Fortnite, and the inclusion of top talent such as Conrod will likely help its growth in the Fortnite segment.

The partnership with XSET will be commemorated by a limited edition merchandise drop through Conrod’s apparel brand Dr3amin. The collection will include a t-shirt and a hoodie, as well as a balaclava. As a part of the partnership, XSET said that it plans to support the further scaling of Dr3amin through its experience in the merchandise and gaming industries.

Although XSET did not share many specifics about the partnership, the company did note that the company wants to “leverage Conrod’s expertise in content creation, apparel, and events to support the company.” In addition, Conrod will become a part-owner of XSET.

XSET will also work with Conrod’s UEFN studio, Clix Creative, to create a series of maps inside Fortnite. The creator and XSET will also give out more than $50,000 (~£40,700) in prize money to up-and-coming Fortnite players, but details of this plan were not disclosed.

Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod commented on the announcement: “Since the start of 2023, I’ve taken major steps in my career, my personal growth, and the impact I’m able to make with my community. The timing of signing with XSET couldn’t be more perfect.

“I’m blessed to finally sign with an organisation that aligns and believes in my vision as a content creator, competitive esports athlete, and entrepreneur supporting the growth of my apparel brand and UEFN studio; we’re about to take over.”

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