Gen.G expands Crocs partnership into Fortnite

Gen.G, Crocs and Fortnite
Image credit: Gen.G

Multinational esports organisation Gen.G has expanded its partnership with footwear brand Crocs.

The expansion sees both two parties join forces to expand their metaverse involvements through the creation of a beach-themed park within free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite.

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The new Crocs World Tycoon game was developed using the Unreal Editor for Fortnite and will launch with a four-week campaign known as ‘Personalise Your Classics.’ Beginning on December 12th, players will participate in challenges where they can win a customised Xbox controller and Crocs footwear.

Gen.G has been an esports organisation that has embraced esports-focused metaverse projects in recent years. In September 2022, the organisation first partnered with Crocs to create an activation on the ZEPETO platform. According to a release, Crocs World has seen 5m players playing over the past 15 months.

To drive engagement to the arrival of Gen.G and Crocs into Fortnite, the organisation and the brand will utilise several content creators to drive engagement during the campaign.

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Elsewhere, the esports industry continues to embark on metaverse projects. In February 2023, collegiate esports league Amazon University Esports launched its own virtual world aiming to connect the esports and education sectors.

Martin Kim, Chief Revenue Officer at Gen.G, spoke on the activation: “We’re taking another massive step with our work alongside Crocs by bringing one of our more popular versions of a Crocs World game into arguably one of the largest gaming audiences in the world.

“We hope that the world of Fortnite will create a lot of fun and make new friends in the newest rendition of Crocs World!” 

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