UK esports organisation Vexed gaming to close down

22 January 2024


Vexed Gaming Acquisition
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UK-based esports organisation Vexed Gaming is to cease operations, according to statements shared by two now-former senior management staff on social media.

In a joint statement, the company’s Chief Gaming Officer Dan O’Hare and Marketing Director Stephen James announced that they will no longer be a part of Vexed. Some of the company’s esports players and creators also shared that their time with Vexed has come to an end.

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Vexed Gaming is a British esports organisation founded in 2015, most known for its Apex Legends, Counter-Strike and VALORANT rosters. The organisation has had a steady presence in UK esports for the better half of a decade, and was notably acquired by esports management company Cooldown Ventures in 2019. In 2022, Vexed Gaming also acquired North American organisation Mock-it Esports.

According to posts shared by the company’s staff and management, it appears that Vexed’s future is in doubt. In O’Hare and James’ co-signed statement, both individuals claimed mistakes were made at the organisation “long before the recession” — potentially referring to the esports winter.

Moreover, the individuals stated that the organisation has struggled to keep the lights on in the past year. The duo did not, however, share exact details of the shutdown, and whether it has anything to do with the company’s owners, Cooldown Ventures.

An excerpt of James and O’Hare’s statement reads: “Critical decisions were not handled with the necessary foresight, prudence and urgency, leading to promises made to myself and Dan not being kept and in some instances flat out lied to, which in turn had a knock-on effect to the wider team and members of Vexed.”

Vexed player Matej ‘MaTaFe’ Fekonja shared on X that he was informed of the company’s shutdown via email, and several other players also shared that they are no longer part of the competitive roster. Content creator and Vexed’s Head of Digital Rachel Birtwistle also announced that the company is closing down via social media.

Dan O’Hare and Stephen James, however, ended their statement stating that they will work on “taking back true control” and start a new chapter in the organisation’s history.

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