Overwatch voice actor joins Ex Oblivione as co-owner

28 February 2024


Swedish voice actor Matilda Smedius, known for being the voice of Brigitte in FPS game Overwatch, has joined European esports organisation Ex Oblivione as a Co-Owner.

Smedius joins the organisation to help it grow and scale to become one of the region’s premier Overwatch teams.

ESI Lisbon 2024

Ex Oblivione is an organisation most known for its Overwatch roster that competed in Overwatch Contenders tournaments, winning several splits and performing well in others. Ex Oblivione announced that it aims to compete in the upcoming EMEA segment of the Overwatch Champions Series, the new global tournament series created by Activision Blizzard and ESL FACEIT Group that replaces the defunct Overwatch League.

The Overwatch Champions Series was unveiled earlier this year, but apart from the initial details not a lot of information is known. For example, Toronto Defiant was the first Overwatch League team to announce plans to compete in the league, with other major franchises remaining silent to date.

Matilda Smedius joins the organisation’s leadership structure together with its two other co-owners, Founder and Managing Director Kevin Hondijk and Vidyuth Manu, its Director of Operations. Smedius is most known for being the voice actress behind Brigitte, a Swedish Overwatch character.

The organisation noted that it is undergoing an extensive restructuring which includes bringing Smedius on board and establishing key goals that the company will follow in the future. These include being a player-first company, with the company sharing that “everything they do is for the players”.

Ex Oblivione also aims to partner with companies that share its eco-conscious and community-centric values and also aims to be a 0 net emissions company as soon as possible. In addition, the company plans to “be the gold standard for what an esports team is supposed to be”.

Ivan Šimić
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