Collegiate esports non-profit organisation VOICE announces Presidents Advisory Council members

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U.S. non-profit collegiate esports organisation The Voice of Intercollegiate Esports (VOICE) has unveiled its Presidents Advisory Council, which includes the heads of some of the biggest universities in America.

The presidents and chancellors will meet to identify issues in esports and then work with VOICE to publish suggestions for the collegiate esports industry.

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It is worth noting that VOICE is not a governing body, but instead an academic organisation that aims to research topics and help advise on the growth of collegiate esports.

The announcement marks a monumental shift in collegiate esports in the United States as having leaders of the top Universities on board should help deal with issues in a much more timely manner. Moreover, the move suggests that Colleges are ready to get even more invested in esports.

Daniel Clerke, a member of the Board of Directors for VOICE, said on X (formerly Twitter): “It is so much easier to break down walls and red tape at institutions with Presidents at the tip of the spear.

“This council has been three years in the making. If this pans out properly we can expedite esports growth years at the college level.”

The Advisory Board includes Presidents and Chancellors from many of the biggest Universities in America, including the University of California, Irvine (UCI), the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Miami University, and more.

Three of the 10 universities in particular may already be familiar with select esports communities. Maryville is a four-time Esports National Champion and recently teamed up with Luminosity Gaming for the new Overwatch Contenders Series. Meanwhile, Syracuse is set to launch a new degree in Esports Communications and Management and The University of Hawai’i has previously hosted the Overwatch League (OWL).

VOICE is actively looking for more administrations to join the Presidents Advisory Board as it looks to continue its mission of supporting American Collegiate esports.

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