CS2 player STYKO to donate 20% of his Major Sticker money to support mental health

STYKO sticker CS2 Major
Image credit: Valve

APEKS Counter-Strike player Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk has announced on social media that he plans to donate 20% of his earnings from stickers from the upcoming PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

Styk shared that he intends to donate the money to help teenagers receive adequate treatment for mental illness.

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Styk noted that he aims to support mental health in esports and discussed two professional players, former CS:GO player David ‘cynic’ Polster and VALORANT player Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener, both of which passed away after battling mental health problems. Styk will donate 10% of all his sticker money to Polster’s family, and the other 10% to a foundation created by Ašenbrener’s family to help teenagers with mental health problems.

Martin Styk shared the following statement through social media: “Chasing trophies and wins in life is respectable, but it is never an easy path. Managing the well-being and mental health of young players is put aside in the vision of pushing themselves to pursue their career. Sometimes, that backfires. And once it does, it is too late.”

Esports organisations HEROIC and Ninjas in Pyjamas, as well as other notable esports players and companies, commended Styk’s idea through social media.

Stickers are in-game items in Counter-Strike that can be used to customise weapons, and usually feature autographs from players and team logos. Each Major sees a new set of stickers released, and a portion of their sales go to teams and players competing in the Major. Some stickers from past events have been sold for tens of thousands of dollars to fans and collectors.

Although it might be considered strange outside of esports, sticker sales help teams and players considerably. The stickers for the upcoming Major tournament were released on March 21st, with 50% of all proceeds going to the players and teams. While the percentages of money received by players vary from team to team, the money earned by autographed stickers typically goes directly to the players.

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