PGL announces at least eight $1m Dota 2 tournaments in the next three years

Image credit: PGL

Esports tournament organiser PGL has shared plans for the future of its Dota 2 tournaments via its official website, which includes a sizeable investment into the game’s ecosystem.

The company shared that at least eight large-scale LAN tournaments are planned between 2024 and 2026, each with a $1m (£790,000) prize pool. 2024 will see the company host two events, the first taking place in Bucharest, Romania in May 2024.

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The company also shared that the six events might not be the final number, and that it plans to “expand its event lineup through current and upcoming partnerships”, meaning that there might be even more Dota 2 events under the PGL umbrella in the next couple of years.

PGL is known for its work on many Dota 2 tournaments in the past, notably the likes of Kiev Major 2017 and PGL Arlington Major 2022. Both tournaments saw good viewership and are still in the top 10 of most-watched Dota 2 events in history. These tournaments are actually the two most-watched Dota 2 events that are not The International.

Although specifics about locations were not shared, PGL did announce that the company is committed to creating three tournaments in 2025 and 2026. The dates for each of the six tournaments were also shared, with tournaments taking place in March, April and November in both years.

The first tournament in the new long-term plan is the PGL Wallachia, which will take place in May 2023 in the PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania.

PGL shared the following via its website: “The commitment to a three-year series of tournaments showcases PGL’s unwavering support for the DOTA 2 community and its passion for delivering top-tier esports events. Fans worldwide can look forward to experiencing the pinnacle of DOTA 2 competition, brought to life by PGL’s renowned production quality and innovative approach to esports tournaments.”

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