Complexity Gaming appoints Adam Rivera as Web3 advisor

Complexity Gaming appoints Adam Rivera as Web3 advisor
Image credit: Complexity

North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming has appointed Adam ‘Spike’ Rivera as its Web3 Gaming Advisor.

Complexity noted that the appointment will see the organisation look to expand its ‘reach and influence’ in the Web3 and gaming sector.

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Adam Rivera is a familiar face in the Web3 community and is a known advocate of Web3 gaming and esports both personally and through his company, Waypoint Gaming. Founded in 2022, the company aims to connect Web3 creators, developers and players and help grow the Web3 gaming space. Waypoint organises Web3 events and is behind a Web3 newsletter that focuses on gaming and esports in the space.

Interestingly, Complexity did not share much information about the company’s plans in the Web3 space and what Rivera’s role exactly entails. However, Complexity CEO Jason Lake shared via social media that, the company is “actively seeking ways to add value and embrace this segment”. Lake also teased that more announcements about Web3 are expected to be revealed in the future.

Complexity is not alone in its exploration of the Web3 space. Multinational organisation Team Liquid partnered with Illuvium to promote the latter’s Web3 game last year. Meanwhile, Swedish esports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas signed a partnership with Web3 company XBorg in January 2024. Asian organisation TALON has also secured a Web3 partnership with Apeiron, a Web3 game, earlier this year.

Complexity Gaming is a prominent North American esports and gaming brand, founded by Jason Lake in 2003. After selling Complexity to GameSquare in 2021, Lake re-acquired the company in March 2024 and will continue to steer Complexity in the future. Complexity is known for its success in a variety of games, such as Counter-Strike, Halo, and Rocket League.

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