Global Esports Federation partners with ADPES to bolster esports in Peru

Image of Global Esports Federation and ADPES represenatitves holding contract
Image credit: Global Esports Federation

The Global Esports Federation has announced a partnership with Asociación Deportiva Peruana de Esports (ADPES).

As a result, the two parties will join forces to develop a strategy to grow the esports industry in Peru.

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By signing a strategic framework agreement, the Global Esports Federation and ADPES will jointly craft an esports strategy designed to ‘encourage competitive gaming’ in Peru. Moreover, the two entities will look to use gaming as a tool to encourage ‘societal progress’ in the country.

The focus of the partnership evolves around the ADPES’ aim to host the Global Esports Games and become part of the Global Esports Tour from 2024 through to 2028. According to a release, the collaboration aims to place Peru as a ‘key player on the global esports stage’.

Peru is one of several members of the Global Esports Federation. ADPES is also a member of the International Esports Federation (IESF). In December 2023, the IESF and the Global Esports Federation announced a strategic partnership with both entities aiming to grow esports globally.

The Global Esports Federation has made a variety of moves over the last few years in an attempt to position itself as one of the largest bodies in the esports industry. In April 2024, it appointed NODWIN and Cinematic to strengthen its existing operations in Central Asia and North America.

Paul J. Foster, CEO of the Global Esports Federation, spoke on the partnership “This Strategic Framework Agreement represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of esports in Peru and beyond.

“Peru is an esports powerhouse, and we are committed to laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and development that will benefit communities across the nation.”

Jonno Nicholson
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