Evil Geniuses launches streetwear collection inspired by VALORANT coach Potter

Evil Geniuses launches streetwear collection inspired by VALORANT coach Potter
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Evil Geniuses

North American esports organisation Evil Geniuses has revealed a new merchandise collection which is inspired by the team’s VALORANT coach Christine ‘potter’ Chi.

The collection, co-created alongside Chi and muralist JUJMO, will feature stickers, shirts, hoodies and other merchandise inspired by Chi’s interests. The collection’s official name is the Potter-Chi Collection.

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Christine Chi is most known for her deep connection with competitive FPS titles Counter-Strike and VALORANT. She played Counter-Strike professionally for more than 10 years and was part of SK Ladies and Counter-Logic Gaming rosters. Chi later transitioned to an analyst role in CS:GO before moving to VALORANT. She played VALORANT for Evil Geniuses briefly before adopting a coaching role for the team.

Chi is notable for her role in Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT Champions 2023 win and was awarded 2023 Coach of The Year for her accomplishments in VCT Americas.

The merchandise collection that Evil Geniuses created focuses on Chi’s interests and personality, such as fishing, barbecue and other hobbies.

Interestingly, Evil Geniuses noted that its new collection is part of the organisation’s shift in brand marketing strategy to incorporate its players and coaches into merchandise.

Kayci Evans, Global Head of Marketing for Evil Geniuses, commented: “The Potter-Chi! collection is a celebration of our amazing coach and all that she has accomplished not only as the undisputed best coach in professional VALORANT but her whole career.

“Potter is an esports icon and pioneer of the women’s movement in this industry. We’re proud of all that she’s accomplished and decided together that she is the person perfect to debut this new brand strategy that will bring more new drops for our fans throughout 2024.”

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