Karmine Corp unveils 3,000 seater esports arena

Karmine Corp esports arena
Image credit: Karmine Corp

French esports organisation Karmine Corp has unveiled its 3,000 esports arena located in Evry, France. The team aims to use the stadium to host live matches and viewing parties.

First revealed by Karmine Corp in September 2023, the organisation has secured a lease for France’s Arènes de l’Agora, also known as Les Arènes, to become the renovated venue’s resident club.

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In a video released by Karmine Corp revealing the details of the stadium, founder Kamel ‘Kameto’ Kebir explained how the team hopes to host official matches in the arena with dedicated areas for fans. He also detailed how leasing the stadium will allow them to have more creative freedom over the organisation’s events.

The video explains the organisation’s wish to gradually ramp up the number of events held in the stadium over the coming years, with the intent to eventually open up the opportunity for fans to purchase a season ticket akin to those sold by traditional sports clubs that allow fans to gain entry to all matches over a season.

Les Arènes will hold 3,000 spectators, a number that Kameto described as “more intimate” in comparison to previous one-off events that the team has held in the past. The stadium is expected to begin hosting events this summer.

Karmine Corp has been known for its stadium experiences since competing in France’s LFL, a tier two League of Legends league.

Now a part of the tier one LEC since 2023, there had been some fear that becoming part of the larger Riot Games-sanctioned league would mean that there were more restrictions on the types of events KCorp could host. However, Riot subsequently began to open up teams’ availability for third-party events such as the Red Bull League of Its Own and the upcoming Esports World Cup.

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