Esports events calendar 2024: Major leagues and tournaments

League of Legends LEC Winter Split 2024
LEC Winter Split 2024 at the Riot Games Arena. Image credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Esports, similar to traditional sports, is made up of multiple ecosystems that span across a variety of games. As such, esports fans are treated to major tournaments and events throughout the entirety of the year. 

To help you navigate the esports calendar this year, Esports Insider has created a month-by-month list of events that are taking place in 2024. These competitions range from annual World Championships to expansive leagues that cover entire regions. 

This list will be updated periodically as more major esports events and dates are announced. First published: 24/01/24. Last Update: 25/06/24.

ESI Lisbon 2024


League of Legends and Apex Legends primarily dominate the start of the year with most of the titles’ major leagues kicking off. However, there were also a few major competitions that are commencing at the beginning of 2024. 

RLCS 2024 Major 1 Qualifiers Rocket LeagueJanuary – February 2024
Tekken World Tour Finals 2023TekkenJanuary 13th – January 15th
ESL Snapdragon Pro Series: BGMIPUBG MobileJanuary 12th – February 18th
LEC Winter 2024League of LegendsJanuary 13th – February 18th
LCK Spring 2024League of LegendsJanuary 17th – April 7th
ePremier League 2024 – FinalsEAFCJanuary 20th – March 24th
LCS Spring 2024League of LegendsJanuary 20th – April 1st
ALGS: 2024 Split 1 Pro League – EMEAApex LegendsJanuary 20th – April 1st
ALGS: 2024 Split 1 Pro League – APAC SouthApex LegendsJanuary 20th – April 1st
ALGS: 2024 Split 1 Pro League – APAC NorthApex LegendsJanuary 20th – April 1st
ALGS: 2024 Split 1 Pro League – NAApex LegendsJanuary 20th – April 1st
BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024Counter-Strike 2January 22nd – January 28th
LPL 2024 SpringLeague of LegendsJanuary 22nd – March 27th
King Pro League Spring 2024Honor of KingsJanuary 23rd – April 1st
Call of Duty League 2024: Stage 1 MajorCall of DutyJanuary 25th – January 28th
Pro Chess League 2024ChessJanuary 28th – March 22nd
IEM Katowice 2024Counter-Strike 2January 31st – February 11th
MPL Indonesia Season 12
Image credit: MPL Indonesia, via X (@mplidofficial)


February saw the likes of StarCraft II, Dota 2, Rainbow 6 and Mobile Legends: Bang host international events. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor’s ecosystems get well underway. 

PUBG Mobile Super League – SEA Spring 2024PUBG Mobile February 1st – March 2024
MPL Indonesia Season 13Mobile Legends: Bang BangFebruary 1st – April 2024
RoV Pro League 2024 SummerArena of ValorFebruary 3rd –  May 2024
BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024Dota 2February 4th – February 16th
IEM Katowice 2024StarCraft IIFebruary 8th –  February 11th
Six Invitational 2024Rainbow SixFebruary 13th – February 25th
VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA Stage 1VALORANTFebruary 16th – March 11th
VCT Americas KickoffVALORANTFebruary 16th –  March 3rd
VCT Pacific KickoffVALORANTFebruary 17th –  March 2nd
Pokémon UNITE Asia Champions League 2024Pokémon UNITE February 17th – February 18th
Games of the Future 2024Dota 2, MLBB and othersFebruary 19th – March 3rd
VCT EMEA KickoffVALORANTFebruary 20th –  March 2nd
Capcom X CupStreet FighterFebruary 21st – February 25th
VCT China KickoffVALORANTFebruary 22nd –  March 2nd
EPIC.LAN 41Various gamesFebruary 22nd – February 25th
DreamLeague Season 22Dota 2February 25th – March 10th
Image credit: PGL Major Copenhagen


March 2024’s esports calendar featured major international events from Rocket League, VALORANT, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Free Fire. Meanwhile, the likes of Honor of Kings and Teamfight Tactics also look to showcase the best their ecosystems have to offer. 

Honor of Kings Invitational Series 2024: IstanbulHonor of KingsMarch 2nd – March 10th
Remix Rumble ChampionshipTeamfight TacticsMarch 1st – March 3rd
BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2024Counter-Strike 2March 6th – March 10th
VCT 2024: Game Changers NA Series Series 1VALORANTMarch 6th – March 10th
MPL Indonesia Season 13Mobile LegendsMarch 8th – June 1st
LEC Spring 2024League of LegendsMarch 9th – April 14th
VCT 2024: Masters MadridVALORANTMarch 14th – March 24th
Chessable Masters 2024ChessMarch 13th –  April 8th
North America League 2024 – Stage 1Rainbow SixMarch 15th – April 13th
PGL Major Copenhagen 2024Counter-Strike 2March 17th – March 31st
Call of Duty League 2024: Stage 2 MajorCall of DutyMarch 21st – March 24th
Free Fire World Series – Southeast Asia Spring 2024Free FireMarch 22nd – May 26th
RLCS 2024 – Major 1Rocket LeagueMarch 28th – March 31st
Elite LeagueDota 2March 31st – April 15th
ESL One Birmingham 2024
ESL One Birmingham 2024. Image credit: ESL / Luc Bouchon


From China to Brazil, to the UK, April saw a variety of global tournaments grace the esports ecosystem. This included notable events for Counter-Strike 2, Call of Duty: Mobile and Dota 2 as well as the start of VALORANT’s VCT Stage 1 International Leagues.

VCT 2024: EMEA League – Stage 1VALORANTApril 3rd -May 12thGermany
VCT 2024: Pacific League – Stage 1VALORANTApril 4th -May 12thSouth Korea
VCT 2024: China League – Stage 1VALORANTApril 5th -May 12thChina
PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024PUBG MobileApril 5th – April 7thBrazil
VCT 2024: Americas League – Stage 1VALORANTApril 6th -May 12thUS
IEM Chengdu 2024Counter-Strike 2April 8th – April 14thChina
Snapdragon Mobile Masters 2024Call of Duty: MobileApril 12th – April 13thBrazil
EMEA Masters Spring 2024League of LegendsApril 15th – April 24thOnline
ESL One Birmingham 2024Dota 2April 22nd – April 28thUK
ESL Pro League Season 19Counter-Strike 2April 23rd – May 12thMalta
EVO Japan 2024FGCApril 27th – April 29thJapan
BLAST R6 Manchester Major 2024
The BLAST R6 Major in Manchester. Image credit: Adela Sznajder / Ubisoft


May was headlined by League of Legends’ first major international event of the 2024 season, with MSI 2024 recording over 2.8m viewers. On top of MSI, esports fans were treated to VALORANT Masters Shanghai, Overwatch 2’s first Major and a Halo Major in London.

Mid-Season Invitational 2024League of LegendsMay 1st – May 19thChina
ALGS: 2024 Split 1 PlayoffsApex LegendsMay 2nd – May 5thUS
PGL Wallachia Season 1Dota 2May 10th – May 19thRomania
Honor of Kings Brazil Championship 2024Honor of KingsMay 11th – June 16thBrazil
BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024Counter-Strike 2May 14th – May 19thSerbia
Call of Duty League 2024: Stage 3 MajorCall of DutyMay 16th – May 19thCanada
CCT Global FinalsCounter-Strike 2May 16th – May 23rdOnline
Rainbow Six Major ManchesterRainbow SixMay 16th – May 26thUK
DreamLeague Season 23Dota 2May 20th – May 26thOnline
PMSL – Americas Spring 2024PUBG MobileMay 22nd – June 26thN/A
VCT 2024: Masters ShanghaiVALORANTMay 23rd – June 9thChina
IEM Dallas 2024Counter-Strike 2May 27th – June 2ndUS
ESL Impact League Season 5Counter-Strike 2May 31st – June 2ndUS
OWCS Major 1Overwatch 2May 31st – June 2ndUS
HCS 2024: London MajorHaloMay 31st – June 2ndUK
PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 3PUBGMay 31stChina
RLCS London Major 2 2024 (Rocket League)
Image credit: Rocket League Esports


June sees a variety of esports ecosystems reach the midway point. As such, the second half of League of Legends and VALORANT’s seasons resume, whilst Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and the FGC host major events.

LPL Summer 2024
League of LegendsJune 1st – August 5thChina
PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 4PUBGJune 3rd – June 9thChina
YaLLa Compass 2024Counter-Strike 2June 5th – June 9thUAE
LEC Summer 2024League of LegendsJune 8th – July 27thGermany
Arena of Valor Premier League 2024Arena of Valor June 12th – July 7thThailand
BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024Counter-Strike 2June 12th – June 16thUK
LCK Summer 2024League of LegendsJune 12th – June 24thSouth Korea
LCS Summer 2024League of LegendsJune 15th – 1st AugustUS
VCT 2024: Pacific Stage 2VALORANTJune 15th – July 21stSouth Korea
VCT 2024: China Stage 2VALORANTJune 15th – July 21stChina
VCT 2024: EMEA Stage 2VALORANTJune 18th – July 19thGermany
Call of Duty League – Stage 4 MajorCall of DutyJune 20th – June 23rdUS
RLCS 2024 – Major 2Rocket LeagueJune 20th – June 23rdUK
VCT 2024: Americas Stage 2VALORANTJune 22nd – July 21stUS
Grand Chess Tour: Superbet Romania Chess Classic 2024ChessJune 26th – July 5thOnline
CEO 2024FGCJune 28th – June 30thUS
MLBB Mid Season Cup 2024Mobile Legends: Bang BangJune 28th – July 14thSaudi Arabia
esports world cup
The Esports World Cup trophy. Image credit: Esports World Cup Foundation


Esports World Cup 2024Multi-genre3rd July – 25th AugustSaudi Arabia
Riyadh Masters 2024Dota 24th July – July 21stSaudi Arabia
FC Pro 24 World ChampionshipEA FCJuly 11th – July 13thGermany
Call of Duty League ChampionshipsCall of DutyJuly 18th – July 21stUS
Evolution Championship SeriesFGCJuly 18th – July 21stUS
PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024PUBG: Mobile19th July – 28th JulySaudi Arabia
MLBB Women’s Invitational 2024Mobile Legends: Bang BangJuly 24th – July 27thSaudi Arabia
BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2024Counter-Strike 2July 26th – August 4thDenmark
IEM Cologne 2023
IEM Cologne 2023. Image credit: Helena Kristiansson, ESL Gaming


ALGS: 2024 Split 2 PlayoffsApex LegendsAugust 2024N/A
RoV Pro League 2024 WinterArena of ValorAugust 2024Thailand
Honor of Kings Mid-Season Invitational 2024Honor of KingsAugust 1st – August 4thSaudi Arabia
VALORANT Champions 2024VALORANT August 1st – August 25thSouth Korea
Free Fire World Series – Southeast Asia Fall 2024Free FireAugust – October 2024Online/ Offline
IEM Cologne 2024Counter-Strike 2August 7th – August 18thGermany
BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2024Counter-Strike 2 August 21st – August 25thOnline
ESL R1 2024 Spring: Esports World CupRennsportAugust 22nd – August 25thSaudi Arabia
the international 2024
Image credit: Valve


ESL Pro League Season 20Counter-Strike 2September 3rd – September 22ndMalta
The International 2024Dota 2September 4th – September 15thDenmark
PUBG Nations Cup 2024PUBGSeptember 6th – September 8thSouth Korea
FNCS 2024 Global ChampionshipFortniteSeptember 7th – September 8thUS
RLCS 2024 World ChampionshipRocket LeagueSeptember 10th – September 15thUS
GeoGuessr World Cup 2024GeoGuessrSeptember 12th – September 14thSweden
BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2024Counter-Strike 2September 25th – September 29thDenmark
League of Legends World Championship 2024League of LegendsSeptember 25th – November 2ndGermany, France, UK
Honor of Kings International Championship 2023
Image credit: HoK Esports, Via X


Honor of Kings Invitational Championship 2024Honor of KingsOctober 2024N/A
PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 5PUBGOctober 2024N/A
Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado Age of MythologyAge of EmpiresOctober 2024Spain
Thunderpick World Championship 2024Counter-Strike 2October 1st – October 24thN/A
Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2024Call of Duty: MobileOctober 4th – October 6thUS
PGL Wallachia Season 2Dota 2October 4th – October 13thRomania
Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2024Counter-Strike 2October 7th – October 13thBrazil
DreamLeague Season 24Dota 2October 27th – November 10thOnline
Overwatch Open Esports Ecosystem
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: OWCS, Shutterstock


Brawl Stars World FinalsBrawl StarsNovember 2024N/A
Clash of Clans World Championship 2024Clash of ClansNovember 2024N/A
PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 6PUBG November 2024N/A
BLAST R6 Major Montreal 2024Rainbow SixNovember 2024Canada
FFWS Global Finals 2024Free FireNovember 2024Brazil
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2024PUBG MobileNovember – December 2024UK
M6 World Championship Mobile Legends: Bang BangNovember – December 2024Malaysia
IESF World Esports Championship 2024Multi-titleNovember 11th – November 19thSaudi Arabia
BLAST Premier: World Final 2024Counter-Strike 2November 13th – November 17thN/A
OWCS Season FinalsOverwatch 2November 22nd – November 24thSweden
Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024Counter-Strike 2November 30th – December 15thChina


PUBG Global Championship 2024PUBGDecember 12th – December 22ndMalaysia
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