Esports World Cup locks in Adidas partnership

Image of Adidas and Esports World Cup logos above branded clothes on white background
Image credit: Esports World Cup, Adidas

The Esports World Cup, a Saudi Arabian multi-title esports event organised by the Esports World Cup Foundation, has announced a partnership with German sportswear brand Adidas.

As a result, the brand will become the official merchandise sponsor of the event and provide players with an exclusive line of clothing.

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In addition to providing players with apparel, event staff will also receive co-branded shirts for the event taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from July 4th until August 25th 2024. According to a release, the partnership will assist tournament participants by ‘supporting their pursuit of victory.’

Adidas continues to expand its presence within the esports industry. In May 2024, the brand collaborated with North American organisation 100 Thieves to launch a co-branded merchandise collection. The deal with the Esports World Cup isn’t the first time Adidas has collaborated with the Foundation. July 2023 saw the two parties join forces in a deal for Gamers8, the event that was replaced by the Esports World Cup for 2024.

The Esports World Cup will feature a wide variety of esports titles including Dota 2, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and more. The most recent title to feature at the event is Call of Duty which will host Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone tournaments.

Ahead of its inaugural event, the Esports World Cup has secured partnerships with a variety of stakeholders. In recent months, it has partnered with industry awards show, the Esports Awards, Barn’s Coffee, and chocolate brand KitKat.

Mohammed Al Nimer, Sales Director at the Esports World Cup, spoke on the deal: The Esports World Cup is proud to partner with Adidas, a brand that embodies the spirit of competition and innovation.

“This partnership allows adidas to connect with a passionate and dedicated fanbase, presenting a unique opportunity to engage with the rapidly growing esports community. We look forward to co-creating innovative experiences that excite fans and elevate the esports landscape.”

The Esports World Cup Foundation, the organisers of the Esports World Cup is funded by the Saudi Arabian government. The event has drawn criticism from some stakeholders due to the country’s human rights record.

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